Thursday, September 29, 2011

Golfing & TV's

We attended the annual PMBA Golf Tournament again this year. It's always fun to get to catch up with Chris's friends/study buddies from MBA school. The men get to golf all day and the wives join for dinner and a short program with prizes. Such fun!

{Seth & Sarah & baby #3}

{Chris & Annalisa & baby #2}

{Collin & Jacci}

{Andy & Janeal}

I don't want to say this was the highlight of the evening -- because we all know how much I love to chat it up with the ladies -- but Chris won the grand prize in the raffle that night.

A new TV! We've been watching TV in our bedroom on a tiny little 12-incher because it's never a priority to pimp out your own bedroom when you've got kiddos on the way. Chris was so excited about it that he ripped it open and set it up in our bedroom that very night, and we stayed up til almost midnight watching TV on our glorious screen. Wohoo. Can't wait for next year's tournament!

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