Monday, September 12, 2011

It's a Boy!

We had our ultrasound this morning (20 weeks, 2 days) and found out baby #2 is a boy!! I had been feeling boy all along, but Chris was in shock! He was sure it was another girl. Thanks to both grandmas for taking the time to come share the excitement with us.

We also brought Emme along and she was so excited. She'd been talking all morning about the doctor checking out mama's tummy. And after we found out it was a boy, she's been jabbering on and on about her "brover in mama's tummy." She's baby-crazy right now and just can't get enough. I think she's going to be such a great big sister & helper.

The little guy was SO wiggly during the ultrasound. He kept trying to "push" the wand away and rolling over every time it nudged him where he didn't like it. So it actually took the tech a few tries to get some of the measurements she needed. But in the process, we got to see the little guy clasp both hands behind his head (like Chris would as he lays on the couch). It was hilarious!


I won't post the photo that confirms the gender, because Chris gets all weirded out about posting the naughty-bits for the world to see. But suffice it to say, it's definitely a boy.


We even got some super cute profile shots of the little bubba, which we never got with Emme because she always had a hand up by her face. Yay for cute little profiles!


I asked Chris how he was feeling about having a boy this time, and he said he is nervous. We've got the girl thing pretty down but the boy thing will be all new territory. I say Chris doesn't know yet how much he's going to love having a cute little biking buddy & football watching budding who loves him to death. We can't wait!!


Seth and Sarah said...

Yay!! Congrats! May I suggest the name Tate? It's one of our fav's...

V said...

Great news!! Congratulations!! You look so beautiful and happy in the picture.
Really good, clear, sweet ultrasounds too.

Nikki said...

Congrats!!! But are you sure you're pregnant?! You look AMAZING!!