Friday, September 30, 2011

Tigers Hit

Emme and I decided to take advantage of the nice weather this week and head to the zoo for a morning. The temperature was perfect and the crowds were nonexistent (since all the kids are back in school now). Yay!

We got to do a few of the things we never do at the zoo in the summer (because it's just too crowded), like sit on the wooden horses. Who knew they were so exciting?

Emme was super excited about the giraffe's for some reason. She even requested a picture by them. (No joke.)

All summer long the tiger's have been MIA when we go to the zoo. Either they're cleaning the cages or the tigers are sleeping way up in the woods because of the heat. When we stopped by today, BOTH tigers were in their pool, splashing and playing with each other. It was so neat!

At one point, the tigers were playfully swatting at each other with their paws.

This is Emme being very disturbed that the "tigers hit." Because at our house, hitting = timeout. It was very upsetting, and she talked about it the whole rest of the day, ha ha.

We've also never ridden the train before, so we decided to go for a ride today. Emme had a blast, as she loves trains and cars. I couldn't even get her to look at the camera -- there was too much else to see.
And of course, no zoo visit would be complete without mom sitting in the shade on a bench while Emme splashes in the water-ball-thingy.

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