Saturday, November 12, 2011

Pregnant Brain & Nesting

The other day I made some really yummy chili & cornbread for dinner. When Chris got home I showed him how I'd used up the last of our garden-grown red and green peppers that had been lingering on the counter. I was so proud of myself!

"How many jalapenos did you put in the chili?" he asked me, wide eyed. Jalapenos? Those little red peppers were jalapenos? Oops. I had mistaken them for small red peppers. (But in my defense, we had some itty-bitty sized everything from our garden this year, so how's a girl to know?) I'm going to chalk it up to pregnancy-brain.

We ended up having to cook something else for Emme that night because the chili was just way too spicy for her. (At least 6 jalapenos went into it!) For Chris and I, it was bearable, and still delicious.

However, the next day I tried to have a bowl for lunch and only made it about halfway through before my mouth couldn't take the heat anymore. Oy.


Then a few days ago I got the cleaning bug. Does that ever happen to you? It happens to me in one or two hour blurs lately. I'm chalking it up to nesting. We're going to be doing some furniture swapping between rooms here shortly (at least I hope it happens shortly....) to get the nursery ready. Emme's bow drawer has been hanging over my head. She's got an entire drawer in her dresser just full of hair bows, and you can never find what you need so you end up using the ones on top over and over again.

While she napped this week, I nested and made some bow holders to get her bows in order once and for all. I made them half-closet-length so they wouldn't hit her organizer below. I estimated I'd probably need two, from the looks of her drawer.


Wrong! I needed four to hold all of her bows -- and that's after I purged a bunch that were ugly/broken/we'd never worn. Sheesh! How is it possible that there are still days I get her dressed and feel like I don't have a bow to match the outfit?


Jen and Jared said...

Ha,ha! Gotta love the prego brain. I use that as my excuse for everything now! You'll love the simplicity of having a boy to get dressed! Though I can't wait to have a girl someday to dress up with bows and everything.

Sam said...

Sounds like good chilli!