Friday, November 4, 2011

The Witches

I finally got all my Halloween pictures downloaded, so I'm going to hurry and get them all up here before Halloween gets away from me!

A few weeks before Halloween, Melissa invited us to go see the witches at Gardner Village. I'd never been before! It was really fun, and Emme loved finding all the witches and laughing at what they were each doing.

{suckers during a snack break}

We tried to get them all to sit on the bench by this witch and that was not happening. She was way too scary.

Grandma came with us to help watch over Jamers (while he had his cast on) and Melmo (who can take off so fast you'd never know what hit you!). I love this cute photo of grandma holding hands with the girls.
After a yummy cookie from the bakery, we were set for the day. Such fun! We'll definitely go again next year.

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