Friday, November 4, 2011

Happy 'Ween!

The weeks before Halloween, we packed our schedule full of fun activities. Emme and I went to a few different library halloween events around the valley, Spookapalooza, Gardner Village, Discovery Gateway, and Boo at the zoo. It was fun to have so many free, kid-friendly activities available before it got cold!

On halloween, we went to a special trick-or-treat event at our library. They had games & crafts, halloween stories and trick or treating at all of the circulation desks. It was very fun and Emme did much better during story time than she did last time. :) We even ran into about 6 other families from our ward there. What a party!

{Owen, Rylie, Samara & Emme}

Then later in the day we hit up the trunk or treat at Grandma Spencer's ward. I think this was where Emme finally got the hang of things. All I have to do is hold up my bucket, and they fill it with candy!! It was fun to see everyone from Chris's old ward, and of course all of Emme's cousins & grandma Spencer.

We also visited Grandma Pace to do a little trick or treating and show her Emme's costume before we hit the neighborhood.
Emme was pretty excited about her full size candybar that was now in her bucket. :)
Then later that night, we went around a few streets in our neighborhood with Sawyer & Graham. It was so fun to visit while the kiddos were running door to door. Emme had trouble saying "trick or treat" but she got the hang of yelling "Happy 'ween!" as she ran away from each door. It was pretty cute.

What a fun time we had this year! We can't wait for next. :)

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