Sunday, July 8, 2012

Bear Lake

 Over the fourth of July we went up to Bear Lake with the Spencer family for a giant Spencer reunion in Paris, Idaho. We stayed in the Sweetwater Condos and had a blast! We swam, relaxed, ate, went to the Pickleville Playhouse (highly recommended!), hiked the Minnetonka Cave, etc. The highlight of the week was probably renting a jet ski and one of those floating trampolines for an afternoon on two of the days. What fun!

The day of the reunion we went to the Paris, Idaho parade. It was hotter than hades but they threw candy so Emme was in heaven! Hannah was so nice to Emme on this trip. (She's always nice to emme.) But she played so well with her that Chris actually paid her for babysitting her one of the days.

After the parade we drove up to the land Chris's dad still owns in Paris and he showed the tree he was sitting under when his dad taught he and his brother about the birds and the bees. So funny!

And of course, no Bear Lake vacation would be complete without a trip to La Beaus! (Hopefully next time I won't be nursing so I'll be able to partake.)


Thanks for such a fun vacation, grandma & grandpa!

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