Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Pioneer Day

Before my parents left, we got together with my siblings and had a big meeting. We wanted to make sure we'd still get together while they were gone. We got a big long piece of butcher paper and hashed out which holidays are Pace holidays and which holidays are in-law holidays for the next 3 years.

We decided Pioneer Day is permanently a Pace holiday. We wanted to do some sort of a breakfast like we've done in years past. Well this year we stepped it up a notch and had a giant sleepover at my parents house and then made breakfast in the morning. It was a fun way to celebrate the day with everyone. Can't wait for next year!

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V said...

That's awesome. Even when everyone loves each other and wants to be together, it still takes a plan to make it happen--to make sure it doesn't fall by the wayside.

My first thought was where are Stu & Amy...but of course I know where they are and hope they're doing well.
Where are Dan & Julie?

The big sleepover sounds like a lot of fun and I bet the food was good too.