Wednesday, August 8, 2012

The Zoo

We finally made it to the zoo this summer to see the new Rocky Shores exhibit! Emme loved the seals & the polar bear, but her favorite was probably the regular bears.

One of them was passed out in the shade (can you blame him?) and Emme could have stood their for hours watching him sleep so close by.

Henry is such a good sport when we go on outings. He just hung out in his stroller the whole time and loved it.

I convinced Emme we should go in the (air conditioned) reptile house to see the snakes & frogs, so we spent some time in there. Our new favorite game is now Emme running up to the glass and pointing to an animal and asking, "what does this one eat?" And then I read the plaque and tell her and she laughs and laughs. ("This one eats leaves? Ew, gross!") Hilarity ensues.

The Patagonian Cavy was so cute, she just kept watching us.

Our other favorite today was the Cape Hyrax. ("Mom, take a picture of this one! He's cute.")

It was fun, zoo! We'll see you in a few weeks when the crowds subside and the weather cools off a bit. :)

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