Wednesday, August 1, 2012

We Did It!

You'll have to excuse the photo, it's the "cleanest" one I have. We finally did it -- we're potty trained!  We'd tried picking out undies, walking the toy aisles of Target, letting her choose any toy she wanted at the Disney store, but none of it was motivation enough for Emme. Finally it took a bribe of 50 gold coins from Grandpa Spencer. (Have I mentioned Emme is obsessed with coins?)  She wanted those coins bad!

We spent a whole week at home wearing nothing from the waist down. For some reason with her if I put panties on her she felt like she was wearing something so she could just go in them. Once I made her go nakie she realized she needed to run to the potty to go.

She's doing fabulously now. We occasionally have a miss with #2 when she gets a little stopped up, but other than that she is peeing and pooping in the big girl potty like a pro.

Hooray for big girl underoos!

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