Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Henry At 7 Months

Henry continues to be a delightful boy. He is now army crawling his way around the house. He basically leaves his bottom half limp and drags his body around purely with his arm strength. It's quite silly looking! We hope he'll get up on his knees soon.

No teeth yet for this boy, but we're discovering that he hates babyfood but LOVES table food (total opposite of Emme). If I blend up a banana and try to feed it to him like babyfood he won't touch it. But if I cut chunks up and feed them to him he will down the whole thing. And he even likes to try to feed them to himself if I set them on the tray!

A few notes about Henry:
  • I think we finally kicked the cradle cap! Only took us 7 months. :)
  • He has no desire to stand or pull himself up on things
  • Henry is sitting like a champ. 
  • He's working hard at getting food from his fist to his mouth. He wants to so badly! It will come with time.
  • He still LOVES to jump in his jumparoo.
  • Henry is becoming a daddy's boy. If we're all hanging out together and Chris walks out of the room, Henry will cry and cry until Chris comes back to pick him up. It's very cute!
  • This boy is so content he can fall asleep practically anywhere. The other day I had him strapped into the cart at the grocery store, with the strap across his little chest. I look down and see Henry hanging forward, lifeless-looking and I panic for a moment. Oh my gosh, is he breathing? When I push him back and lift his chin I find out, nope, he's just sleeping. The little man just plain falls asleep wherever he pleases! So funny.
  • Henry is still a cuddly, sweet little boy that loves to be held. We are eating it up and enjoying every snuggle!

Love you, Henry boy! Happy seven months.

{Click HERE to see Emme at seven months.}

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