Thursday, May 7, 2009

Pregnant Rants and Raves

I spent so much time whining and moaning about how sad my life was because my doctor doesn't routinely do an ultrasound at 12 weeks (and how in the world would I know anything is actually in there unless they showed it to me?) that I ended up getting what I wished for when they thought they found a complication at our appointment on Tuesday. Turns out everything is fine, and I have some oh-so-adorable ultrasound pics coming soon, but for heaven's sake -- I could have done without that worry for 24 hours while we waited for the ultrasound.

Karma: 1. Annalisa: 0.

I arrived at my 12 week appointment and the receptionist informed me they'd contacted my insurance since the last time I was there, and come up with the total balance I would owe for the course of my prenatal care and delivery. She held up the paper for me to see and said, "The total balance you owe is $0 dollars." Whaaaat? I did a double take, and then mumbled, "" All she had to say was, "Yeah, wow is right."

On our way to the checkup room, the nurse weighs me and informs me that I've lost 3 pounds.

Well, what did you expect? I told you I was sick when I came in at 7 weeks, and you patted me on the back and told me it was normal, and that every other pregnant woman was as sick as I was.

I only thought this, I didn't actually say it to her...because that would make me a rude pregnant woman, heaven forbid. (And I'm sure I'll get there, just gimme a little time.) So the doctor writes me a prescription for Zofran for my morning/all-day sickness. At 12 weeks.

Well, gee.
Ya think this would have been useful 5 weeks ago when I told you I was sick in the first place? Gaaaaaaah!

When the doctor wrote me the Zofran prescription, she told me it was sort of expensive. So she wrote me up for 10 pills that are to be cut in half, which equals 20 doses. When I filled the prescription, the total before insurance was $268. The total after? $10.

I love my insurance enough to marry it right now. Sorry, Chris.


Nikki said...

Wow! That's some good insurance! Holy cow! We still haven't finished paying from Coen's birth.

Kristy said...

Ah. The first of MANY interactions with moronic medical people as a pregnant woman. My condolences. Just wait...more will come!

Val said...

You have incredible insurance! Lucky!

Jen and Jared said...

I lost about 6 pounds between my twelve week appointment and my 16 week appointment. My appetite changed a lot with being pregnant-I only eat because I have to not because I want to! And I think part of the problem could be that they weigh you with your shoes on! I've even had my coat on before. So one appt I'd have heavy boots on and the next flats-hello, that makes a difference right? Silly medical people. I had that Zofran too and couldn't believe how much it cost! It didn't really help me much either so I stopped using it.

Seth and Sarah said...

You're so funny. I think it's excellent that they gave you some medication to help you feel more normal. I hope they're working!