Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Taylor Swift Concert

(Oh my gosh, I'm a huge blog slacker. But I will be catching up in the next few days, I promise!)

Last night Amy and I went to the Taylor Swift concert! We sat on the 6th row on the floor and it was amazing! The highlight for me was watching how excited Amy was about it. At one point after Amy touched Taylor's hand, I made her sit down for a second because I thought she was going to hyperventilate! It was cute.

Taylor Swift put on a fantastic show. She's very theatrical and energetic, and she had dancers and actors out on the stage for some songs, acting things out. She also had short video clips up on the screens while she did her costume changes, that were hilarious. Like videos of her band acting out her songs. So funny. Amy and I made a pact that next time she comes to Salt Lake, we're going again! (With Michelley, too!)

Amy and I before we left for the concert. My belly sort of popped over the weekend, so I'm starting to outgrow normal clothes. Flowy dresses, here we come!

Amy's face in the car on the way there, as she held the tickets.

Amy and I with our excited faces right before the concert began.

Taylor's first song. Look how close we were! She came out in a marching band outfit and then ripped it off and this sequinny number was underneath.

Taylor singing Fearless.

Taylor's guitarist kept winking and smiling at Amy and I. We caught not one, but two guitar picks from him.

Taylor had 8 outfits on throughout the course of the show, including a Utah Jazz jersey (see video at the bottom).
I love this picture! She has such a wild and crazy personality. She really puts on a good show!
She played the piano...
She did a number on the drums...

And she did a few songs with just her guitar way at the back of the stadium.

This was our favorite outfit that she wore. Love those boots!

After she played for the crowd in the back and walked up the aisle giving hugs, the crowd gave her the loudest standing ovation I've ever heard. She stood on the stage like this while she took it all in. Then she told us that "she would never forget that, Salt Lake."

This is Amy reaching up and touching Taylor's hand! I kept pushing her closer and closer so she could reach it.

This is Amy's face after she touched Taylor's hand and I made her sit down.

Oh, and this is the mean security guard that kept putting his hand on Amy's stomach and pushing her back away from the stage. Yeah, that's right, I'm taking a picture of you, pal.

Taylor's encore when she came back out wearing a Utah Jazz jersey and the crowd went wild.

And the grand finale. Water is involved.


Melissa Henning said...

I love when you go to concerts! I get all excited, just like I was there too! lol. So glad you guys had fun. My sister's oldest daughter, Lyric, is a huge Taylor Swift fan (she is 5). Thanks for sharing!

P.S. I got the yummy hair stuff! Thank you!!! I can't believe how soft my hair gets with that stuff (doesn't feel like there is any product in my hair at all!) and how gentle it is. Thanks again! love Love LOVE it!

George and Ashley said...

I AM SO JEALOUS!! I love Taylor Swift. That looked like fun.