Monday, November 30, 2009

Emme At 1 Week

When we woke up on Saturday morning I sang happy birthday to Emme. Then we took a 1-week picture of her in her chair. I can't believe how fast she changes!

Before Emme was born I begged Chris to let me buy a new camera, because our old one had a really bad flash. I felt like the baby deserved to have some decent pictures of herself to look back on when she grows up. Chris finally gave in and we bought a camera. Since then I've been saving my Amazon gift cards that I get for various things, for a video camera.

On Friday Chris said to me, "We need a video camera so we can video tape this little girl." I said oh, should we buy one for ourselves for Christmas?

His response was that no, we need to buy one right now so we don't miss any of her growing up. Too cute. Would have been useful if we'd thought of this before Black Friday, no?


rach said...

One week wow little Missy!! Your way to cute for words! Chris your such a good little daddy that little girl already has you! :) I love it!!!!

natalie said...

oh she is just beautiful!!!! congrats you two! chris looks like he's fallen for her completely already :) and that birth so glad that's over!

Ali said...

So, I'm all caught up!

What a doll she is! I was in tears as I read the birth story... close call!! I'm so glad she's here safe and sound. You're a champion! No doubt it was love at first site. She is such a beauty.

Val said...

What a sweet loving daddy Chris is!

pace87 said...

I admit, she is pretty cute. But will you still think she is cute after she does the sort of stuff that her cousin did today? hint- go look at julie's blog. hahahahaha