Wednesday, November 4, 2009

The No-Update Update

Chris and I went to my 38 week doctor's appointment yesterday. Apparently there is nothing happening down there. Absolutely nothing whatsoever.

We told the doctor that we have a supplemental insurance policy that we're hoping to make it past the 11th for in order to be covered. She prettymuch laughed at the thought of this baby coming before the 11th.

She's so sure this baby's in there for the long haul that she scheduled my induction for November 27th. (Did I mention my due date is the 18th?) THAT'S 10 DAYS PAST MY DUE DATE!

If I'm still pregnant on November 27th, heads are seriously gonna roll.

That is all.

{Picture of Chris and I from Jaron & Jessica's reception last night.}


The Martin Family said...

No heads will role!! 2 good things can come of this...your insurance will work and you can see New Moon, right?

p.s. I am getting the vaccine tomorrow!

Val said...

I would totally feel the same. 10 days?! Moreover, 23 days from now? That's crazy we want to see this bambina. But your friend in the Martin family is very wise--good points.

Amy said...

I hope it's sooner than later! Good luck!

Ali said...

My first thought was New Moon too :)

cydandcody said...

10 days is cruel. They usually will only let you go one week over!That last bit of pregnancy really gives you a run for your money or baby in this case. I hope you are atleast on time. It felt like I was going to be pregnant forever when I went past the due dates with both of mine. Hang in there!