Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Itty Bitty Sockies

I've been washing lots of these lately. How cute are the Bambina's socks!? Chris is convinced she has more socks than one person could ever need in a lifetime. But I keep telling him that these are all of her socks for her entire first year of life, during which her feet will be growing like mad.

(...unless of course she comes out toddler-sized, in which case these won't cut it...)

We went to the doctor yesterday! (drumroll, please)

I'm dilated to a 1 and 50% effaced. (Apparently she thought I was 80% last week, but now that I'm dilated a bit she can get a better feel and she thinks I'm really more like 50%.) So we are making progress down there.

The doctor says if I make more progress by next Monday, she'll induce me on Tuesday the 24th. If there's not much change, she'll keep the inducement date for the 28th.

I'm still hoping this chica will come on her own!


Seth and Sarah said...

The trick is to make sure they all have their match! I swear I lost so many socks because they're so tiny...I blame my dryer for eating them.

Melissa Henning said...

i can't wait that long (lmao cuase it's about me, right? I'm SO j/k!!). I want you to have your toddler sized baby now! Is she here yet? How about now? Now? how about now? (my hubby does this to me all day long when he wants something lol).

i'm getting bouncy and excited for ya girl! so exciting!!!

katie said...

Oh man...the waiting is killing me! Everytime I check your blog I wish for a title like "Hello World" or something informing me that Bambina is here. And just as bad...I want to write that title myself! My maternity leave started today so I need some ideas of things to keep me busy. I have an inducement date for the 30th, but am still thinking Cora's coming sooner...maybe they'll have the same birthday...and maybe that day will be soon...

Jen and Jared said...

Wahoo! Any bit of progress is good. She'll be here before you know it...I love baby socks! I cried the first time I had to put away some of my little man's because he had outgrown them. They grow so fast!

Jen said...

I was obsessed with Olivia's socks the few weeks before she was born. Maybe it's an early sign of labor?
Or maybe it's just a sign that the baybee has sucked out one too many of your brain cells? :)
Let's hope it's the former!