Saturday, January 16, 2010

Baby's Legs

Today we were getting dressed and we decided to try out some Babylegs on the Bambina's little chicken legs. I think they're finally starting to plump up, because the Babylegs actually stayed on! Plus she's been keepin' her business in her diaper better lately. (We've been having trouble forming a seal around her legs with the dipe because they're so skinny! Ten packs of newborn diapers and counting.)

Our camera has a red light that goes off before the flash, and Emme LOVES it lately. It's fabulous because it makes for great pictures when she looks right at the camera! The first time it goes off it catches her by surprise, but the second time it makes her smile.


Ali said...

She is so precious. I don't know if those baby leggers were around when Eliza was that age, but MAN they are SO adorable. What a darling smile. Oh goodness, she makes me baby hungry!

Lindsay said...

those pictures are so cute! i love baby legs! my daughter has like ten pairs. :)