Friday, January 15, 2010

The Movies

Earlier this week I took Emme to the movies. As you all know, I missed opening night of New Moon by just a hair. I wanted to see it so badly before it left the big screen, but I knew I couldn't leave this little gal at home while I went. So we bundled up and went to an 11:30 AM showing together.

There were like 10 other people in the theater. (Seriously, don't these people have jobs? Who goes to a movie at 11 in the morning on a Tuesday? I mean, besides me of course...) I sat on the back row with my hooter hider around my neck, ready to nurse the Bambina for two hours straight if that's what it took to get through the whole movie.

To my surprise, she slept through the entire thing. Despite how loud the movie was, she napped better there than she does at home! (Perhaps because it was super dark?) At any rate, our first movie experience together was delightful. I'm thinking we should probably hit a few more while she's at this easy stage!

{Me and Emme, each with our own versions of the "Oh-My-Gosh-I-Love-New-Moon!" face.}

P.S. Loved the movie!


Ali said...

Totally keep going while she's that little! I'm so glad you got to see it!

Natalie said...

We took Hailey to Sherlock Homes on Christmas and she slept the whole time too. Even with all the gun shots and explosions. I only wish she could nap like that at home!

Jess said...

I saw more movies with Porter when he was a newborn than I have in my life!

Seth and Sarah said...

You're awesome! Way to brave a movie with a newborn...of course it was so worth it!