Monday, May 17, 2010

Catch Up

We've had a crazy couple of weeks!

I recently became a Grocery Smarts instructor, so now I can come teach free coupon classes at anyone's house who wants one. As a result, I've been teaching classes like crazy! I taught three coupon classes in one week, and Chris was a champion babysitter while I was doing so. That same week I got asked to speak in church on Mother's Day. (Who asks mothers to speak on Mother's day? I so don't get that. But whatever.)

I was putting the finishing touches on my talk the day before when Chris threw his back out working in the yard. He laid on the front porch flat on his back for about 45 minutes before he was able to drag himself right inside the front door. (All the neighbors coming over to ask him if he was okay was just oh-so-embarassing for him, apparently.) Then he laid there for another 4 hours unable to move before he let me take him to the emergency room! (Big thanks to Amy for watching the Bambina.) They hopped him up on some pain pills and muscle relaxers, which helped Chris's back immensely. He had to be wheeled in there in a wheelchair but he was able to walk out on his own after the shot of muscle relaxer they gave him, so that was great.

(Luckily Chris is starting to feel a lot better. He's still being careful, and I think he's going to try to work on some exercises to strengthen his muscles so it won't happen again.)

I didn't know what I was going to do with Emme the next day while I was supposed to speak in church because Chris wasn't able to lift her and I obviously couldn't hold her on the stand...but luckily Stan & Kathryn came and were able to take care of both Chris and Emme while I spoke. Thank heavens for wonderful family!

{Grandpa, Grandma Jean and Emme Jean on Mother's Day}

After church we were able to visit with both sides of the family and wish everyone a happy Mother's Day. I got a beautiful painting of a mother and her baby from my mom, and I got a ticket to go see Lion King this August from Kathryn, which I'm so excited about! I've been wanting to see it for forever! I can't wait.

{Mommy and her little string bean}

Emme has been teething like mad lately. She went from an awesome sleeper to a restless one. Orajel is our friend these days, and sadly, she won't chew on anything but her hands or my hands, so teething toys are useless. Chris and I are both praying that something pops through soon, for all of our sakes!

{Little miss blue eyes}


Allison and Josh said...

You will LOVE Lion King!! I'm glad you get to see it! Way to go with the coupon classes! I don't know how you have figured all that stuff out, but I'm sure glad you have!

The Martin Family said...

Oh my goodness! Sorry to hear about Chris! That is scary.

You have been a busy lady. That is cool about all your coupon classes.

I once spoke on Mday when I was PREGNANT with Rylie. Now that is messed up! The church needs to come up with some kind of rule about that!!! :)

lparsons15 said...

I love your posts, your little girl is so precious. Just stunning!

Seth and Sarah said...

Poor Chris, unlucky you, and cute Emme! You're busy!

Ashley Bennion said...

My dr told me to use a toothbrush for teething - the bristles massage their gums and help the teeth to pop sooner - maybe she will like it - Good Luck! Tried my first gorcery trip tonight - Went okay not amazing but okay - I think I need to come to another class :) Thanks for all your hard work on your website!