Thursday, May 27, 2010

Emme At 6 Months

We bundled up and braved the snow on Monday to head to Emme's six month checkup. Here are the stats:

Height: 25.75" (50%)
Weight: 14 lbs 3 oz (20%)
Head: 44.5 cm (92%)

Every time we go for a checkup and the nurse measures her head and charts it, she inevitably comes back and measures it again because she thinks she's made a mistake! It's no mistake, this Chica has a huge head. Trust me, I should know. I birthed it.

Her stats have stayed pretty consistent from the way she was born, so the doctor said she's doing great. Although I have to admit, I never stop worrying about her weight, and I'm neurotic when it comes to making sure she gets all her feedings every day.

{Dad's favorite face of Emme's -- when she sucks on her bottom lip}

Emme's Favorite Things
  • Rolling from back to tummy, and then tummy to back, and then repeating again and again
  • Sitting up by herself
  • Blowing raspberries
  • Dad (She cries when he leaves the room)
  • Imitating sounds we make (Her most recent favorite is the "oh" sound)
  • Jumping. All the time.
  • Riding in the front carrier at the grocery store or on walks
  • Walks and listening to the birds
  • Touching the laptop keyboard and scratching at it to imitate the typing sound
  • Bathtime and splashing
  • The young women in our ward
  • Any paper she can crinkle

Emme's Not So Favorite Things
  • The feel of grass
  • Holding still while mom changes her diaper (Why would I lay here when I can roll?)
  • Teething
  • Her sunhat
  • Green beans (We love all the other foods now, including peas! Score one for mom's patience.)
  • Church

I cleaned out Emme's drawers again the other day and moved the clothes that were too small out and the next bigger size in. And I cried. And then after many days practicing with her, I sat on the floor in the family room with Emme between my legs and she sat up all by herself for the first time. And I cried again. I wish I could freeze time! My little baby is not such a little baby anymore and it makes me so sentimental. Before we know it she's going to be dating and driving. I just can't believe how fast time flies.

The other day I was walking into Nordstrom with my little sister Amy (to get her makeup done for Prom) and I had Emme in the front carrier. Right inside the doors we got stopped by a cute old woman worker who just had to see this baby. She stood right in front of us and just ooohed and awwwed over Emme, talking and smiling to her for what seemed like ages, until Amy and I finally politely sidestepped around her to get on our way. After we walked away Amy said to me, "Did you know her?" When I replied that I didn't she was dumbfounded. "Does that happen a lot? Like, people you don't even know just stop you to play with your baby and tell you how cute she is?" Yep. Welcome to motherhood.

It's such a wonderful privilege to be a mother and a parent. I want to savor every moment and remember every detail of this time. Chris and I are just so in love with this sweet heart!


Val said...

I love her smile--she's so cute! (Olivia loves to suck on her bottom lip too. :)

Seth and Sarah said...

She's so darling...we need to have your family over for dinner now so we can see her again!

George and Ashley said...

She gets cuter every day!

I know what you mean by people stopping you in every store to look at your baby... People were even stopping us and saying "cute" when Max had a scream fest at SMiths yesterday... I was just trying to get out ASAP!