Thursday, May 20, 2010

Confessions of a Desperate Housewife

I confess. I'm getting pretty desperate.

{This is me cutting all the chocolate off a 3 Musketeers bar in an attempt to get a chocolate fix...without actually eating the chocolate. Pathetic, but true.}

Every once in a while this no chocolate - no milk - no spicy food - no onions - no garlic thing gets to me and I think I might explode. We're surrounded by chocolate everywhere! Every birthday party, every family gathering, everything. It's so hard to go to parties and watch everyone else eat chocolate cake and ice cream while I eat a few hot tamales from the candy jar. Because chocolate? Chocolate is my first love.

{Mmmm, chocolate. Oh, how I've missed you.}

(I can't tell you how many people I've had say to me, "Oh, my baby didn't like chocolate either but I just ate it anyway and made him/her deal with it." Um, no. I'm sorry, but if you ate chocolate while you were nursing and your baby didn't arch their back and scream in pain for the next 12 hours, and then proceed to spit up everything they got down -- your baby didn't have a problem with chocolate. I'm just saying.)

Chris laughed at me the other day when he saw me cutting up this candybar. So we made a deal. He says he won't eat chips while I can't eat chocolate. (Chips are Chris's "chocolate.") I say we'll see how long he lasts, ha ha! It might be harder than he thinks.

But I know it's all worth it to keep this face looking like this! I've made it six months, so what's another six, right?


The Martin Family said...

You are one good mama!

Jen and Jared said...

Way to keep to it! Honestly, I would rather give up some of that stuff if it meant I could have fed my little guy longer. I dried up when he was almost five months old and I miss it. And think of all the calories you are saving! :) Not that we care about stuff like that when it comes to chocolate!

Erin:) said...

i LOVE this post!:) you ARE one good mama! :) i too love chocolate and try to give it up occasionally its tough stuff and I am envious of your ability to resist:) you are fantastic annalisa!

Val said...

Wow I had no idea she reacted so terribly to chocolate! I just thought you were being extra cautious--but oh it terrible imagining her pretty little face in pain like that.
You are such a good mommy.

Seth and Sarah said...

That is both funny and sad. Here's to being excited about whole milk at one year old!!

Emily Heizer Photography said...

You poor thing! I'm sorry! :(

Nurse Heidi said...

Katie was a screamer/back archer/horribly fussy eater/barf everything up all the time kid. I did eliminate chocolate for about a month but it nearly killed me :P. We eliminated a whole bunch of other things too, one by one, and none of them particularly stood out. She just liked to scream. That lasted until about a year old, even after we switched her to formula at six months.

The good news is that she's now charming, has a wicked sense of humor and is generally delightful as long as she gets her way. And I survived a month without chocolate. (Barely).

Now, cutting the chocolate coating off a milky way...that's genius.