Saturday, May 1, 2010

Emme Takes The Plunge

This week Emme went swimming for the first time! We went with our friends Sadie and Sawyer to the Cottonwood Heights Rec Center. Emme LOVED it and had such a blast. She was talking and babbling and happy the whole time.

{Emme and mom}

{Sadie and the Sawyer man}

{Happy girl in her cute little swimsuit}

{That's right, we rocked the pig-tails mullet-tails in the pool}

This is what happens when your tiny munchkin bum is too small for the swim diapers mom bought you before you were born:

You have to wear regular diapers in the pool. And they weigh so much it's hard to keep your pants up.

{Like father, like daughter}

1 comment:

Seth and Sarah said...

So fun! I'm glad someone else loves their little one's cracks too...Seth always thinks I'm weird taking pictures of that! ha!