Thursday, October 21, 2010

Emme at 11 Months

Emme is almost never still these evidenced by these photos (seriously, I didn't get a single good one). She is go, go, go all the time!

Emme is walking now, and can't get enough of it (as evidenced by the bruise on her eye in these pictures). She started taking a step here and there right before 10 months. Then for a while there we had to hold our arms out to her and coax her to walk to us. Now she'll turn around and walk away from me towards a toy or another room. It leaves me in amazement still, every time she does it. It's hard to believe such a tiny little thing should be walking, and the waddle is just so cute!

When we sat down to take pictures I gave her a hair clippie in one hand and a pill bottle in the other (I know, right? Pill bottle. I'm such a good mother!), in an effort to distract her from taking out her hairbow. Bigtime FAIL.
First she kept the pill bottle and dropped the clippie in order to yank out the bow.

Then she let go of the pill bottle in an effort to get her clippie to stay in her hair. (Has to do things all by herself these days!)

{Trying to get the clippie in her hair...}

{...but it wouldn't stay!}

  • Emme is loving soy formula, and loves to snuggle in mom & dad's warm bed for her morning bottle.
  • Emme's still obsessed with duckies (the rubber ducky variety)
  • Emme has four teeth (2 top, 2 bottom) with two more top on the way.
  • Emme has a love/hate relationship with dogs. She squeals in excitement when she sees them but when they get too close her joy instantly changes to shrieks of terror while she claws at my shirt and tries to climb up my body.
  • Emme is learning to be soft with other children & babies, and to not steal their binkies. (I don't get it! She hasn't taken one since she was 3 months old but she loves to steal every one else's.)
  • Emme hates bows in her hair (currently. I'm determined to work on this.)
  • Emme has one foot that is so hard to get into her shoes. If I didn't know better I'd swear it was bigger than the other! I think she just can't not curl the toes on that foot. Pretty funny.
  • Emme has the cutest little pointer finger hand in the world. She points at everything.
  • When Emme points at things she says "whazza," which is her version of "what's that?" It shocks a lot of people who pick her up! I think I say it a lot to her when we walk around the house or neighborhood and learn by discovering.
  • Emme's been eating very little baby food and a lot more table food these days. Yay! We still have to be creative to make sure it doesn't contain any no-no foods or dairy.

Plans for the big birthday party have begun, and I can hardly believe it. My baby is almost one -- where did the time even go? Every stage is so much fun and better than the last. We just love this girl to death!

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