Monday, October 25, 2010

Flanagan Halloween Party

We attended the annual Flanagan Halloween Extravaganza this year and had such a good time! Emme has a love-hate relationship with dogs right now -- especially the Flanagan's little dog. Emme will squeal and squeal and reach for the dog in excitement, but the second it turns around and moves towards her, her squeals instantly turn to squeals of terror and she claws her way up my shirt and into my arms. It's actually pretty funny to watch! So we had a good time practicing being soft and gentle with the puppy that night.

{Grandma and her ducky}

Every year we take a picture of all the kids together in their Halloween costumes. It's so fun to see how much they've grown! Emme didn't really have much interest in taking pictures. While everyone else was doing this:

Emme was more interested in doing this:

And this:

{We are obsessed with stairs, lately.}

And this:
Oh, well. We'll try for a good picture again next year! Thanks for such a fun party, Flanagans!

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