Friday, October 1, 2010

Swimming & Tubing & Puking...Oh My!

Two weeks ago we went to St. George for a few days, to stay in the house my parents have down there. Just for fun. We went with my mom and Daniel & Julie and their kids. The first day all the ladies drove down, and took a day trip to Vegas for some fun shopping (at H&M!). Then the men joined us the next day. We went boating, swimming, rented movies, hung out and had a good time!

We took Emme on the tube with Tucker & Nora Jane, and she LOVED it. She just sat there with her life jacket and hat, and lounged the whole time. This girl sure loves the great outdoors!

Chris got to get out and do a little wakeboarding.

We even let Emme swim in the lake with Chris while all the kids took a dip. She seemed to like it, and the cool water didn't even bother her.

This is a picture of Emme in her carseat on the drive down. Is she naked because....

A. She got carsick and puked up plums all over herself.
B. She ate too many greasy french fries and puked them all over herself.
C. We're not really sure which (because she puked up both).

I'll let you decide.

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