Thursday, April 5, 2012

Discovery Gateway

I've started to figure out Henry's schedule a little bit, and his naps are becoming routine. After his 9am feeding he'll play for about 30 minutes and then go down for a good, long solid nap before his next feeding. The timing is fantastic because I can grocery shop, run errands or take Emme on outings and I know he'll sleep soundly the entire time so we can get lots done!

The other day I took Emme to Discovery Gateway during Henry's naptime and it was so much fun! It was super crowded because all the school kids were on spring break (which I didn't realize), but we had fun anyway. Emme's favorite part was having me build her inside of a tower of giant legos. So fun!

The downside of Discovery Gateway is that every time we go, we catch a cold. I'm not even kidding! I've got a hand sanitizer keychain strapped to the diaper bag, so I used it like crazy on her while we were there and right after we left. Then when we got home we both stripped off every article of clothing we were wearing and threw them in the laundry. Did we still come down with a cold? Yes! Oh well. The price we pay for a few hours of extreme fun.

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