Thursday, April 19, 2012

Electrical Engi-Mom

Henry loves his swing. It's practically a member of the family, which would make his favorite people list look like this:
1. Mom
2. Swing
3. Emme
4. Dad

Seriously. If the swing smelled like breastmilk it'd probably surpass me for the top spot. The only problem with Henry loving his swing so much is that we go through batteries like CRAZY! So Chris had a grand idea that I should jimmy-rig it and bypass the batteries so we could plug it right into the wall. 

So one night after the kids went to bed I cracked it open, popped out the batteries, wired it to an AC adapter and plugged it into the wall. And it swing like a champ. Booya. Who says moms don't use their degrees?

1 comment:

Emily Heizer Photography said...

Seriously awesome! That HAS to go in his baby book!Great job genius Momma! :)