Friday, April 6, 2012

My Little Picasso

The Easter Bunny decided to do candy-less baskets at our house this year. So while I was ordering a few things from Oriental Trading to get the job done, I picked up a few craft kits as well to try out. Emme is getting to the stage where she loves to color, use stickers, stamp things, etc. Crafts are right up her alley. (Are we sure this is my child?)

I found a fun magnetic foam Easter egg craft that we had a lot of fun with this year. It came with twelve kits so we did a few with friends on some playdates, and we made a few for grandparents as well. We still had a few left as Easter was nearing so I decided we should finish them up and use them as decor on the fridge (or dishwasher, as it were).

The kits had instructions for each egg design that included a picture of how the foam should go on the egg. Emme liked to throw caution into the wind and come up with her own designs. A few of them turned out very abstract, I love it! Sometimes I wanted to try to correct her and show her how they should go but I had to sensor myself and let her do it on her own. Who says they have to be done a certain way? They turned out very cute and Emme was so proud of herself. My little Picasso!

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