Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Happy Birthday Stu

In April we celebrated Stu & Nora Jane's birthdays while my parents were in Australia (visiting my aunt & uncle who are mission presidents there, to see how things work & get their feet wet). We put together a yummy dinner & cake & presents & festivities, all by ourselves. I was pretty impressed! Hopefully a sign of how well we'll keep it together when my parents are gone for good.

We started with homemade burgers & fries, and then opened presents. Stu had lots of help from the little girls.

Amy got Stu a Ukraine flag.
Jules made Stu one of the t-shirts we all wore during the basketball state tournament.
Graydon, being delightful as always.
Stu's Spanish soccer jersey.
Brooke made an awesome cake. It was so awesome in fact, that I ate an entire piece before I realized it was chocolate (and therefore a no-no). So what did I do? I ate a second piece, since I already knew I'd doomed myself to a day of colossal spit-up-ness the next day.

Stu loved his cake, even though the only candles we could find in the cupboard were "3" and "0!"
Happy birthday, Stu! We sure love you and we're going to miss you like crazy.

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