Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Emme At 2 Years 5 Months

Or is it 29 months? Whichever you prefer.

This girl's personality is so full of life and spunk. Every day she says things that shock & amaze me. Her brain is like a steel trap and she remembers things you say to her, so you have to be careful with promises!

She also LOVES playing with friends - she's quite the social little thing. When we have playdates planned, I can't tell her about them until about two hours beforehand, because if I tell her too soon it's ALL she can talk about. ("When my friends coming? Is it time yet?") Sunday is her favorite day of the week because it means she gets to go to nursery and play with her friends.

She also makes friends easily - whether we're at the library, the grocery store, the playground - wherever. The other day we were at Kid2Kid and she was in the play area all by herself. Another mom came in and lifted her son into the area so she could do some shopping. Emme smiled and said hi to the boy, and then turned and called to me across the room, "MOM! THIS BOY MY BEST FRIEND!" It made everyone laugh, it was so cute.

A few more things about Emme:
  • She still hasn't figured out she can get out of her bed and leave her room if she wanted to. Yay!
  • She LOVES doing "crafts" with mom. Stamps, crayons, paint, foam stickers, craft kits from Oriental trading, etc.
  • She's getting better at letting me do her hair - less tears these days. Some days we get an actual style in it!
  • She's obsessed with stacking things and making "towers" like in Tangled. Blocks, books, measuring cups, picture frames (yikes!), etc.
  • Emme's doing better at eating. I only cook one thing for dinner and she has to take at least one bite. Most of the time after one bite she actually likes it and will eat some more, with our coaxing.
  • Emme continues to love reading books. She'll even pick them up and read them to herself these days. She's got Go Dog Go and Ten Fingers Ten Toes memorized, as well as our Baby Colors book, and a few others.
  • Emme loves to play the game Memory. We'll play it on the counter while we eat lunch together. It always surprises me how well she remembers where things are!
  • Emme continues to be a very verbal child. She speaks in long, complicated sentences. She can express herself really well. She also understands so much that Chris and I are already resorting to spelling things we don't want her to hear when she's around! She also hears the lyrics to songs on the radio and asks me questions about it, which always surprises me!
  • Emme loves her little brother to pieces. She can never get enough hugs & kisses, and she wants him around all the time. The other day Henry was asleep so we left him home with dad while Emme and I went to the grocery store. I thought she would enjoy a little one-on-one time with mom, since she doesn't get it all that often. Instead, she cried the entire way to the grocery store because she wanted Henry to come with us because she missed him. How cute is that?
  • Emme is compassionate, loving and caring. She is quick to say thank you and quick to say she's sorry. She understands what is about to happen to Grandma & Grandpa Pace and Amy and Stu, and it makes her sad. I didn't think she would understand until after they'd all gone. The other day in the car she started to cry. When I asked her what was wrong, she said, "I don't want Grandma to go." I thought maybe she was talking about Grandma leaving her house to run an errand or something. "Where don't you want Grandma to go?" I asked. "I don't want Grandma to go to Spain!"


A few more cute conversations:

While I was getting ready to do P90X one morning. The day before I had told her I was exercising to get in shape.
Emme: Mom, you exercise?
Mom: Yup.
Emme: You get a new shape, mom?
Mom: Yup. (chuckling)
Emme thinks for a minute, then turns her head to the side and asks...
Emme: A diamond?

While I was about to change Emme's diaper one day, she kept telling me she needed to go on the potty, even though she'd clearly already done the deed in her diaper. So I asked her which one she needed to go.
Emme: I need to go on the potty.
Mom: Which one, do you need to go pee pee or poop?
Emme thinks for a minute.
Mom: Which one do you need to go? Number one or number two?
Emme thinks for a minute.
Emme: Number twelve!

We love you to pieces, Emme! We're so glad you're in our family!

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