Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Henry At 4 Months

Henry turned 4 months old on the same day Emme turned 2 1/2. When they woke up in the morning and I had the diaper assembly line all laid out, I sang happy birthday to both of them at the same time. Their smiles & giggles were so precious -- they both loved it.

Then we took Henry to his 4 month checkup. The doctor laughed because she said Henry has such cute, defined little features yet he's sort of a tub-a-lub. (No, she didn't use those exact words.) He's doing great with his growth and great with his development.  He seems content with breastmilk alone still, so we're not starting solids just yet. His skin sensitivity remains a problem, but we just keep using aquaphor after every bath & as needed, and we wash everything around here like crazy. When he has a flare-up on his face from someone else's laundry detergent we have a steroid cream that calms it right down. So it's under control for now.

Henry 4 month stats:
Weight - 14 lbs 2 oz (45%)
Height - 25.25 inches (70%)
Head - 16.75 inches (50%)
 A few notes about Henry...
  • It appears that the nickname Emme has given him -- Boo-boo -- is going to sick. My apologies, little man.
  • Henry now sleeps from 8:30 PM til between 6:00 or 7:00 AM, and then goes back down until around 9:00 AM. Then he takes either 3 naps during the day or 2 long ones. This man a sleeper! Child after my own heart.
  • We've tickled a few laughs out of Henry lately. His laugh melts my heart! He is the most ticklish boy in the land.
  • Henry loves to sit in his bumbo right by the kitchen sink while I do dishes. Who knew it was so fascinating? He also loves to sit on the counter while we eat dinner or cook. This man may yet be social like his sister.
  • Henry still adores his swing. Even with the modifications I made to it, it's starting to groan under his weight, ha ha! I think we're going to outgrow the weight limit before we outgrow our love for it. So sad.
  • He loves to grab at toys, so we've got a hangy, rattly, noisy toy strapped to every baby appliance in the house.
  • Henry can roll front to back and back to front. And he still hates his tummy.
  • He found his feet this month. The second I lay him down to change his diaper, those feet go right to his hands. He loves holding onto them, but his big gut gets in the way sometimes so he has to take breaks to breathe. It's hilarious.
  • Henry adores going for walks and being outside. Whether we're watering the garden, washing the car or watching Emme kick her ball around the yard, it keeps him enthralled.
  • I'm convinced this boy is teething. His shirt is drenched down to his bellybutton with drool everyday, which requires numerous outfit changes because I can't bring myself to put him down to sleep in a cold, wet onesie. I put bibs on him but I don't like to put him down for naps with them on, and he just chews on them and creates more drool, which defeats their purpose!


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