Tuesday, May 29, 2012

St. George

We went to St. George over Memorial Day with my parents & siblings as a last little hurrah before everyone left on their missions. (Amy's departure date ended up earlier than planned, so she missed the event but everyone else was able to make it.)

The first morning Chris & Daniel went for a bike ride and the rest of us went for a hike in Zions. The little kiddos did great and we had such a fun time. Miyo took one look at the scenery while we were hiking and immediately asked her mom, "Are we on Mars?" (Thank you, Backyardigans.) Too funny.

Even Henry did great. He just loves being outside and loves being in the front carrier because he's a little bit of a snuggle bug. When he got hungry, I strategically draped myself with a blanket and nursed him while we hiked. (Never done that before!) But it worked great and he fell right to sleep after. What a little trooper!


All the grandkids with Grandma & Grandpa. (And me...since Henry was strapped to me.) While we posed for this picture we had a whole slew of Asian tourists who stopped and also took pictures of us in this pose for some reason. Too funny!

Stu hanging hooks off Emme's belt. She couldn't figure out what was going on behind her.

The next morning we went hiking in Snow Canyon and slid down the sand dunes. I had never been to the sand dunes before, and it was such a blast!

 Nora Jane wanted to take her shirt off like Tucker did. Cute little sunbather!

We also went swimming, walked around the temple, and of course ate way too much on this trip. We had a fun time getting to hang out all together as a family. See you all again in 3 years for another family vacay!

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