Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Conference Champions

Name - Michelley

Class - Junior

Position - Forward

Hometown - Holladay, UT

Height - 6'0"

Ability - Amazing!

Michelle's basketball team at Westminster were the Conference Champions this year! Way to go, Michelley! Last Friday we went to watch her play in one of the tournament games before they head off to Jackson, Tennessee for Nationals!

Here are a few shots of the spectators during the game.

Marva, Mom, Amy

Stu, Nate, Max

Stu and Annalisa

Chris & Annalisa


Melissa Henning said...

congrats Michelley and team!

Rob said...

Congrats to the team. I am sure that they worked super hard for this one! It looks like everyone had a blast!


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