Monday, March 2, 2009

Rest in peace, my old friend

I did a stupid thing on Saturday. Remember how I said sometimes I say stupid things (see #25)? Well, sometimes I also DO stupid things.

I had a busy week at work last week, but I was determined not to skip the gym in the mornings just because of that. So I managed to get my workout in every day last week but on Friday I left my ipod in the pocket of my jacket and hung it on its hook after I hurried back from the gym.

On Saturday, Chris left for an IEEE conference downtown all day and I got up and tore through the house, cleaning, washing dishes and doing laundry. In my haste, I grabbed my workout clothes and threw them all in the washer -- with my ipod inside.

When I pulled it out of my jacket pocket, this is what it looked like. The headphones which were wrapped around it, were broken off at the base of the headphone jack, and I could see condensation inside the screen.

Alas, I've tried everything I could think of (including freezing it) but my dear old blue ipod seems to be dead. Forever. (Tears trickle down the cheek...)

I suppose it's not all bad, considering how old that ipod mini was, and it was probably time for an upgrade soon anyway. But I began to get nostalgic as I thought of all the times my ipod has spent with me. Before I let it go, I feel the need to give it a heartfelt eulogy.

Ahem. (Clears throat)

To my dear old friend, my blue Ipod Mini,

I remember the summer I first learned about you from my friend who works for Apple. I was living far from home, playing hard, working hard and living hard. When I came back with a broken heart, your music lifted my spirits and helped me feel whole.

We became exercise buddies, and study buddies. We ran away the heartache. We listened to Mark Geslison before every engineering exam. It calmed my nerves and got me through.

The first time I saw Chris, you were with me, sitting in an auditorium in the math building, waiting for class to start and serenading me.

Your music passed the winters on the treadmill in the basement, and the summers on the roads from Cottonwood Lane to Walker Lane. Hundreds of times. We could travel it in our sleep. Your music got me skinny before my wedding, and skinny again after.

Your music passed the time on many business flights, and during many hours in the lab. No matter my mood, you always had something for me. Music was my solace.

May you rest in peace my dear friend, and know that you were loved.

*Incidentally -- any ideas on where I should give old Blue Ipod Mini a proper burial? If it weren't for the whole battery-being-a-bio-hazard thing, I'd bury him deep in Walker Woods, a place he dearly loved. (Notice how my ipod turned into a "he?") Any ideas other than the place my dad used to always "bury" our dead chickens -- the big black garbage can?


Jamie said...

Sad day :( I did that with my first ipod too, luckily mine was only a shuffle though!

Tessie said...

That is sad. But you never time I spilled a drink all over my laptop. I thought it was a goner for sure. A few days later it dried out and started working again. That was weird, but great!

Kelli Whitney said...

Daaaang Gina! That sucks. I say you bury it in MOAB! Jer

Abe and Lisa Johnson said...

It's been so long since i've seen you! I found your blog.. and read your post about your ipod. That is so sad!! If that happened to me I to would be very upset and have a proper barial for it too. My ipod's name is Izzy!

Love ya girl,
lisa young johnson

Nikki said...

That stinks! I heard that letting it sit in rice for a few days may dry it out. It worked on a cell phone I dropped in a full sink, but it hasn't worked on the cell phone I washed in my pants pocket...yet.