Friday, March 27, 2009

Moab With The Boys

Last week Chris went to Moab with a bunch of his friends. They biked, hiked, camped, and had a great time! Here are a few pictures that document their fun.

Here's the whole gang, about to hit the biking trail. (They're all pointing to the spot in the picture where Jeremy should be.)

Here's the whole gang's sleeping setup. Well...not the whole gang. Chris was forced to set his sleeping bag up on the other side of camp because he snores. (I feel your pain, boys!)

Hiking with the whole gang in Arches. Isn't it beautiful?

Some of the gorgeous Moab scenery.

A photo of the time Chris got pulled over. (Luckily it was just a warning!)

One more picture of the boys biking.

Chris had a great time, and really enjoyed the little vacation from work and school. Thanks guys, for coordinating everything and making him go!

When Chris came home, his car and everything in it smelled of sweaty-dirty-man. Gross! So I made him bag up his laundry on the driveway and take it downstairs to throw right in the washer. A few days ago I was finishing folding some laundry, and I came across the pillowcase Chris took with him down to Moab. When he asked me what pillowcase he could take, I told him any of the ones in the linen closet were fine. Out of all of the pillowcases in the closet, this is the one he chose to take on a camping trip with a bunch of dudes:

Way to go, honey. I'm glad you're so secure with your manliness!


Cami and Andy said...

The Pillow case is awesome!!!! Good choice. hahaha

Kelli Whitney said...

I love that pillow case! Jeremy was sad he couldn't go, but happy that his BFF's thought to point to where he should be.

Nikki said...

That's just so funny about the pillowcase! I'm headed to Moab next weekend, too.