Thursday, March 5, 2009

New and Improved

Chris and I finally made a much-needed improvement to our living room! It sort of ended up being a Valentines Day present to eachother, because shopping for them was part of our V-day festivities -- but they didn't get delivered until a little later.

Our living room used to look like this. These are the couches we inherited with the house we bought from a 97 year old lady. These pink couches matched the pink carpet, pink curtains, and pink wallpaper. To mask the pinkness of it all, I bought some slipcovers for them, but Chris just hated how twisty they got when you tried to lay on the couch or roll over. The slipcovers were almost worse than the pink couches...almost.

Now our living room looks like this! Buying new couches was sort of a big step for us, because up until now we've been spending money (more like flushing) on actual improvements to the house - like paint, flooring, doors, windows, landscaping, appliances, etc. This purchase kind of felt like a splurge because it's not something that will make our house go up in value! (In theory, of course, if the whole housing market hadn't crashed.)

The best part is, we are now able to do this! (We're both laying on the same couch! Our old couches weren't deep enough for that...or we were too wide...)


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Nikki said...

Nice pick on the couches, they look beautiful!

Kelli Whitney said...

Those are dope yo! Jer