Monday, June 29, 2009

It's a Girl!!!

We had our 20 week ultrasound this morning and it's a girl! I couldn't be more shocked. I was just so sure it was a boy! And Chris keeps saying 'I told you so,' because he "knew" it was a girl. But we are both so excited and so happy that she is healthy!

Chris and I invited both of our moms to come with us to the ultrasound and experience the excitement. We went to breakfast beforehand at Cafe Normandie and it was sooo yummy. I think all the women subconsciously wore pink today because deep down we knew it would be a girl. :)

Even my mom is tanner than I am. I give up.

Chris and his mom.

Our friend Janeal was the ultrasound technician for us. She brought the baby up on the screen and went through all of the things they check for -- she showed us the 4 chambers of the heart, the brain, the head measurement, the femur measurement, the kidneys, the stomach, the feet, the arteries in the umbilical cord, the mouth and nose, etc. As she was getting to the end of the evaluation and everything looked good, Chris said "so do you already know what it is?" She sort of smiled and chuckled and said, "yes, I'm pretty sure I already know." Then she brought the view down to the bum and showed us the legs, the bum cheeks, and what she called "the hamburger" that let us know it was a girl! Too funny!

We got lots of cute little pics (and a dvd!) from the ultrasound, but the little munchkin kept her hand up by her face the whole time so we never got to look at her features in 4-D like we were hoping. Janeal kept having me roll onto my side and then back to see if we could get her to move her hand away but she was always went right back to the same position because she was just too comfortable. Stubborn little thing takes after both of her parents!

Ultrasound pictures to come. :)


rach said...

All I can say is....... Chris look out aunt Rachel is going to spoil that girl beyond control with huge bows let just add the word pink in there!!! So fun u guys we are so happy for u congrats! Can't wait!

The Martin Family said...

We are so excited for you! Girls are the best!!!

The Parr's said...

What a great idea to have your moms come! I'm excited for you to have a sweet little girl - you will love it!

Seth and Sarah said...

Yeah for girls! Your little lady and Grace will be great friends!