Thursday, June 11, 2009

Memorial Day Weekend Part 2

Okay, I finally gathered the rest of the photos from my mom's and brother's cameras. Here are the pics from the day we went boating in St. George. We had a blast in the great weather and warm water!

I wasn't allowed to waterski or wakeboard, but they let me take a leisurely ride on the tube with Chris & Amy.

Tucker & Nora Jane, with thighs cute enough to eat. They LOVED being on the boat.

Nora Jane also LOVED her tube ride with Dada and Grandpa. That girl is fearless - didn't make a peep.

Nora Jane helping Dada drive the boat.

Chris taking a wild tube ride with Stu and Amy. It looks like he's pulling Amy's hair in this picture, but he's really not. :)

My man Tucker chillin' on the boat.

Tucker taking a tube ride with mama and Stu.

Chris and I chillin' on the boat.*

*Note: I have attempted to remedy the serious white situation I have going on, but it seems that the rays simply reflect off me these days and tan those around me. Seriously. Even when I don't have any sunscreen on. Suggestions?

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Joy said...

Embrace it. There is absolutely nothing wrong with being white! Why do people think tan is so great anyway?