Friday, June 12, 2009

Pace Family Picture

The Pace family has this tradition of standing around behind the birthday person at their party and taking a group photo. Over the years it's been fun to look back at old birthday photo pictures and watch everyone grow. (We have some seriously funny ones...I should dig 'em up and scan 'em in.)

Last week we celebrated Brent's birthday with the whole family (minus Michelley who's in Key West for the summer). As a result, we got a picture with the whole family, which we haven't had for a while (minus Michelle and my dad, who's taking the picture). It's nothing fancy, but it's cute. We're so glad to have Brent & Melissa & Jameson back in town for the summer!

P.S. How cute is Nora Jane's cheese smile in this picture? That girl is too cute for words.

P.P.S. Melissa is hiding her belly in this pic, but you can sort of see mine. I was actually wearing maternity pants that day. It's starting to get round!


Val said...

I love that your family has this tradition (I noticed it before from the Keeping Pace's.) What a great idea! And your family really has exploded in the last few years. =)

I didn't know Brent and Melissa are in town for the summer. That's wonderful!

Joy said...

I love Nora Jane's smile, too cute. But I think Daniel's takes the cake. said...

hey, I have a new blog. Your tummy is getting bigger? How cute... do you know what it is yet? Delete my old blog and add this one!

Me said...

look! i'm pretty tan! Yes!!!!