Thursday, July 30, 2009

24 Week Belly Pic

Okay, here's my cute pregnant story for the week. Chris really likes to talk to the baby and rub my belly to see if the baby's awake. I don't usually get to see Chris in the mornings before work, so when I walk in the door in the evening, the first thing he asks is "is the baby awake?" (Meaning, like is she moving right now?)

One day last week I had felt the baby rolling and kicking quite a bit in the morning, but in the afternoon while I was sitting in my chair at work I didn't feel much movement. So when I walked in the door that night and sat down on the couch next to Chris and he asked me if she was awake, I said I didn't think so. I told him I hadn't felt her move much for an hour or two, so I thought she was probably asleep. Chris put his hand on my belly anyway and bent down to talk to her. As soon as his hand was on my belly she let loose a HUGE kick, right where his hand was! It was so big, it shocked both of us and we started to laugh. So now our joke is that the baby knows her daddy already.

And occasionally, Chris is certain that the baby already loves her daddy more than her mommy. :)

Pregnancy Statistics

How far along? 24w1d
Gender: girl
Current Cravings: Ice cream sandwiches
Weight gain: +9 lbs
Best moment this week: actually seeing her kick
Belly button in or out: still in, but just baaaaarely!
Labor signs: just trying to keep my blood pressure down
What I miss: a few of my favorite summer shirts and jogging
What I'm looking forward to: ordering the crib this week!


Angela said...

Anna! Congrats on your baby girl!!! Grandmother told me you were expecting right around the time I am, and we're having a girl too! I'm super excited. And you look so cute! When's your due date? Mine is Nov. 24 and I'm 23 weeks I think. Have any names picked out? We're having trouble'll probably end up being a last minute decision in the hospital. Hope you're holding up ok!

Val said...

That shirt is SO cute (and the model too.) It is so heart-warming to hear how excited Chris is! Fun story.

And ironically I was just thinking that you and Angie are having girls so close in age.

Seth and Sarah said...

I just love feeling the baby kicking...and Seth was always jealous that I felt the baby all the time, and he didn't! I'm so excited for you two! You look fabulous, by the way. Any names yet? I personally like Bambina....

The Parr's said...

Now that Lily is here, I'm pretty sure she loves her daddy more than mommy too :) And I'm cool with that. I LOVE seeing dads with their daughters. So precious!