Friday, July 24, 2009

The Garden

Where we live there is really rocky soil. As in, if you try to dig a hole you will find more rocks than dirt. Big ones, too.

Last summer (the first summer in our house), I decided I wanted to attempt a mini garden. We don't really have a designated area for that in the backyard, but I found space in a planter and planted two tomato plants.

I watered them and watered them. I weeded them and weeded them. And they grew...but not very well. By the end of the season we had produced one single red tomato with a giant worm hole through it. It was pretty pathetic. And sad for my fragile, green-thumb-first-timer self esteem.

I decided to try again this year, only in pots. I did a bunch of research on container gardening and found out that tomatoes are supposed to grow really well when potted. I bought two tomato plants and some good potting soil and got to work on our back patio.

(I have bad aim with a watering can, as exhibited here.)

So far our tomato plants are looking pretty good. It's nice to be able to look right outside my kitchen window to see if they need water. They're getting really big, but no sign of tomatoes yet -- just blossoms. But I'm hoping that's just because we planted them late.

Chris is still skeptical.

Fingers crossed.


Justin and April said...

Annalisa I love how you are always commenting on my blog, it makes me feel great! So I thought I would pass along the love.....Good Luck with those tomatos, it looks like they might be high producers! April

Seth and Sarah said...

Congrats! I kill just about any plant I touch...Seth is reason we have tomato plants growing this year! At least you can blame the soil!