Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Aunt Lynne's Birthday Party

On Saturday we had a super fun birthday part for aunt Lynne. She rented out an amazing hotel pool and party room, and we had such a blast eating and swimming and hanging out with the whole family!

Emme loved her floaty toy! The pool was just the right depth for her to reach the bottom so she could stand up and "bounce."

Then when she got tired of bouncing, she laid back and relaxed in it. This thing was worth every penny! ($15 bucks at Target)

Emme and dad having a good time. Emme's face looks so excited in this picture!

Playing with mom.

The whole little fam.

Braden loving his floaty toy.

The boys playing some hoops.

Chris at the top of the giant water slide.

Chris coming down the slide. For some reason, the only thing I could ever catch on camera were his feet! I have like six pictures of them.

I decided to brave the slide once Charity convinced me I could do it without getting my hair wet.

Me at the top of the slide.

Chris says I look like a two year old coming down the slide in this picture. I was trying so hard to sit upright all the way down to keep the hair dry!

Wade-dog coming down the slide.

Stacey at the bottom of the slide.

Hannah at the bottom of the slide.

Grandma and Grandpa were able to watch us swim from the party room up above. It was such a great setup for a party.

Emme snuggling with Charity.

Mom and Emme drying off.

Thanks again, aunt Lynne! We had such a great time!


Emily Heizer Photography said...

LOOKS like it was a blast! You crack me up with the not getting the hair wet thing. lol Emme looks so happy in the water! Time for Mommy & Me swim lessons, right? :)

rach said...

Your right that does look so fun and that float toy is perfect !!!way to go on not getting your hair wet I understand ha ha ha!