Thursday, October 20, 2011


Emme and I have really been enjoying our aquarium membership this year. It's a quick stop for a fun way to kill an hour or so, and after all the kids went back to school we practically have the place to ourselves!

The penguins were super active on this day, jumping in and swimming all around and jumping back out!

Notice Emme's beautiful necklace? She's very into pretty things these days, and we can't leave the house unless she's got her accessories on. Our neighbor Rae made this necklace for her and she adores it. Emme also brings me her bottle of pink nail polish at least once a week with the request to "paint this" (as she points to her fingers).

Frogs and snakes continue to be a few of Emme's favorite creatures these days. We couldn't leave without taking a picture on the frog!

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Jessica Bath said...

I still need to check out the Penguins! I love that Emme is such a fashionable gal already ;D