Thursday, October 20, 2011

Taylor Swift Concert Part Deux

I was lucky enough to be able to go to the Taylor Swift concert with my sisters & Stella this year! Our seats were nothing like they were last time, but we loved it nonetheless.

(Have I introduced Stella before? Stella is my sister Amy's friend from Argentina who is living with my parents & siblings while she goes to LDS Business College. Amy became friends with her in high school when she was a foreign exchange student that lived with one of our neighbors.)

We started the evening off right by having dinner at Molcasalsa, and then we headed downtown to the concert. Here is Amy's excited face!

We met up with Stella, who came right from school for the concert.

{Stella & Amy}

{Michelle & Annalisa}

Inside the concert, once it got going...

{not sure how this ended up blurry!}

Amy was super excited about her Taylor Swift t-shirt that she bought at the concert.

The concert was very theatrical, just like last time. Michelle described it as a broadway musical that didn't have a plot. Fairly accurate, I'd say. She had dancers, acrobats, trapeze artists, actors, etc that portrayed each song while she sang. I wish there had been a little more real, unscripted monologue from her between songs, but oh well.

She sang a song from Neon Trees at the back of the arena.

Girl gone crazy. She got in this little balcony that all of a sudden took off on pulleys and flew around the whole arena. Nuts!!!

Thanks girls, for such a fun night! Can't wait to go see her again next time she comes!

(And if you're wondering when that will be -- just ask me if I'm pregnant. If I am, Brandi Carlile and Taylor Swift will both be coming to Salt Lake, because they only ever come when I'm preggo. So now you know.)

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Jessica Bath said...

Wow that concert looked much more entertaining than I would have imagined. I LOVE Molcasalsa!!!