Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Under The Bus

A few weeks ago on a Saturday morning we were lounging around in our pajamas on mom & dad's bed, watching some cartoons and relaxing. As I stood up to go get us some breakfast I lovingly swatted Chris on the behind. This is kosher, right? It was really more of a love-pat. (However, it should be noted that we have a zero tolerance policy at our house for any sort of hitting, and it results in an immediate timeout.)

Chris looks up from reading the news on the ipad, turns to Emme with a gleam in his eye and says "Did you see that, Emme? Mama hit!" Emme replies back "Mama hit? Timeout!" And points to the corner sternly. Chris, quite pleased with himself, chimes in and agrees "Yup, Mama has to go to timeout."

What's a mother to do? I was left no choice but to walk over to the corner with my tail between my legs and take my turn in timeout. Chris laughed and laughed from the bed with Emme. (But it should be noted that I did make the most of it by displaying proper corner behavior and delivering a sincere apology and hug after I did my time.)

Does your hubby ever throw you under the bus?

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Jessica Bath said...

OMGoodness this is hilarious!!! Sounds like one of those times where it's just too comical to be/stay mad about. I love those kinds of under the bus throwings. Glad you used it as a teaching opportunity too ;D