Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Disney on Ice

Emme and I went to Disney on Ice this year! It was Emme's third time but my first, and I was so excited. The theme was Disney Princesses so I let her pick a princess dress to wear that night. She picked Tangled.

She was mesmerized by the show the whole time.

I'm not gonna lie, it was pretty awesome to watch Prince Charming doing triple axels on the ice. Plus I think it made the shows more romantic. Cinderella and the Prince figure skating together as a pair while they sing about their love for each other? Yes, please.

I also bought Emme one of the dumb $22 toys that all the other kids had. The last two times Chris took Emme I handed him a $20 bill on his way out the door and told him to buy her a toy but he never did. He thought they were too expensive and dumb. So this time I walked her to the concession table and let her pick anything she wanted. Yes, I buy my child's love. It's not very often that Emme and I get to have a mommy-daughter date by ourselves so I wanted it to be special!

Flynn Rider and Rapunzel did some awesome aerial stuff on the ice. It was amazing!

At the end all of the prince/princess duos came out on the ice for a finale. So cool!

It was very fun, such a great night. Can't wait for next year!

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Jessica Bath said...

lol SO cute!!! I have never been so thank you for the sneak peak ;D