Wednesday, March 27, 2013

St. George

We went on a little weekend getaway to St. George with our friends, the Whitney's. The drive down was great, once Bubba realized we were in it for the long haul and relaxed enough to fall asleep. Emme watched two whole movies on the ipad mounted to the back of my seat and Chris and I got to sit and chat for a few hours. Such luxury!

Once we got down there, we had a blast. The kiddos loved having baths in the huge tub.

We also witnessed a pushup contest between Kelli and Jeremy. It was freaking awesome. I won't say who won, but let's just say Kelli is a freaking rockstar.

Jaycee and Henry kept crawling into the bathroom to convince us to let them have another bath.

We went downtown and walked around by the splash pad and such. It was such nice weather compared to Salt Lake!

Afterwards we went to Iceberg for shakes. Jaycee enjoyed hers most of all.

Emme doing bicycle crunches with Jillian Michaels and I. It was a luxury to have time enough in the morning to do a 30 minute exercise video every day!

Jeremy and Chris went biking two of the days we were down there. Here's a cute "selfie" they took while riding.

One night we went to a mongolian barbecue for dinner. The people were so nice and made cute little rigged up chopsticks for all the kids. Emme did pretty good eating with hers. After dinner we hit up the outlets and did some shopping for spring clothes for the kiddos.

One day we went swimming with the kiddos at the rec center. Cambree and Henry were daredevils and loved the big water slide!

Kelli and I got pedicures one day and then we hit up Target and the dollar store to buy Les Miserables and finish up purchases for the kiddos easter baskets. It was great fun. We also convinced the men to watch a few movies with us at night after the kidlets went to sleep. All in all, it was a great, relaxing weekend!

On the way home Emme was coming down with a cold so she slept most of the way and Henry napped as well. Perfect ending to a great little vacation.

Thanks, Whitneys for such a fun week!

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Jessica Bath said...

Looks like you all had a great time =)Fingers crossed for next year!