Sunday, March 31, 2013

Happy Easter

The Easter bunny came to our house this year. And the best part was, he left NO candy whatsoever. Hooray!  He brought jammies and toys for the kids, chips for dad and Les Miserables for mom. Plus Grandma Spencer bought the kiddos each a cute outfit. We were spoiled this year!

Henry really got the hang of hunting for eggs this year. I color coded the eggs and hid Henry's down low and Emme's up higher. But of course when Henry spotted one of Emme's he wanted it, no matter what color it was.

Checking out their baskets.

Emme modeling her new summer jammies.

Henry's CUTE new outfit from Grandma Spencer.

On the hunt! Henry spies an easter egg.

It didn't take Henry long to figure out the good stuff was INSIDE the eggs. Henry's all had little animal figures inside of them, and Emme's all had coins (of course).

Happy Easter morning! Don't mind my wet hair.

Before church we snuck in a picture of the kids in their outfits. Henry was a sad boy. You would be too if you had to be woken up from your nap for 1:00 PM church.

Big sister made him feel better.

Such little cuties.

It was so sunny outside that we grabbed another picture inside on the couch for good measure. (And we were still on time for church, thankyouverymuch!)

We had such a great Easter this year! I taught sharing time that day, so maybe it was just because I had time during the week to really think about the Savior and study his life, but my heart was so full that day.  We are so blessed! I'm so grateful for a savior that suffered and died for us, and then was resurrected so that we might also be.


Lulu said...

Where did you find Henry's jammies??

Chris and Annalisa said...

The jammies Henry is wearing and the jammies in his basket (monkey theme) are Carter's from Sam's Club. His little outfit from grandma is from Haute Look. Hope that helps!