Wednesday, April 30, 2014

April Randoms

Here are a few random April snapshots from my phone worth mentioning...

Henry got moved to a big boy bed a few months ago. He now shares a room with Emme and is loving it! Chris promised him Mickey AND Go Utes bedding. So this is what we're left with. Oy! But he seems to love it and that's all that matters. Look how stretched out and big he is on this big boy bed. What happened to my little baby??
 Grandma Pace sent the girls these cute owl backpacks from Spain. Emme wears hers almost every day. Most days it holds her jewelry and her lip gloss. Sometimes it holds her specials dolls & stuffed animals.
 Every time we go to Rite Aid to pick up a prescription, Emme and Henry ask to sit in this helicopter machine. Luckily they still don't know it's supposed to turn on!
 Henry got quite a few lego duplo sets for his birthday a few months ago. Emme and Henry both love them, and Emme builds some amazing creations sometimes that really surprise me.
 We play out on the driveway a lot these days. Which of course means sunglasses for this boy... well as this girl.
 Henry is in the "I do it myself!" stage. This includes putting on his shoes.
My amazing sister-in-laws planned a get together to make freezer meals before the baby was born. We made like 17 meals in one morning. It was fantastic and we've loved all the meals so far. We decided we want to try to do it together once a month from now on.
I put Henry down for a nap on his bed and found him two hours later like this, asleep on Emme's bed with her Ariel doll. Silly boy!
 The first time this year Chris decided to mow the lawn, he had to change the oil on the lawn mower. The kids were entranced. And about two seconds later they both had wrenches in their hands trying to "help." We pulled their bikes out onto the driveway and let them "fix" their bikes while dad fixed the mower.
 Emme in one of her amazing vintage rompers for the season. She's really been into plants and flowers this spring, and was SO excited when our tulips started to bloom.

Henry in some little vintage lacoste overalls. Such a cute little man!
And Emme in another vintage outfit, just scootin' on the driveway.
 When Emme and Henry get out of the shower lately, they either huddle together with their towels to get warm, or they dog pile each other. ??? I don't quite understand it. But today it was a dog pile.

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