Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Life With Stanley

Stanley napping in his rock & play sleeper.

 Henry is Stanley's protector. He brought him his binky and lamb. Such a good big brother!
 A few moments of alertness.
 Chicken legs during a late night diaper change. So cute.
 More naps. We nap a lot.
"Oh hi there. It's the middle of the night. Let's party!"
 Baby toes.
 Milk drunkenness. And chins for days.
 Emme can never hold this boy too much. She loves him to pieces.
 Grandma and Grandpa Spencer brought Emme and Henry some frozen dolls! They were in heaven.

 Emme trying on Grandma's glasses.
 Sleepy boy. I put this sleeper on him for the first time and it was too small! I soon discovered I had basically an entire drawer of clothes that Henry wore that were already too small for Stanley. He's a big boy!

 Nighttime bonding.

 More chicken legs.
 Emme and Henry sometimes bring toys for Stanley to "hold" while he's nursing. High praise to share such treasured dolls with him.
 Milk drunk.
 More bonding.
 The card Emme made for Stanley at Debbie's house.
 That's a picture of Stanley with a curl on top of his head and the thing below his chin is his umbilical cord stump (totally fascinating to a four year old).
 He's watching you.
 Gas dream smiles!
 This is possibly my most favorite vintage outfit of Stanley's. It was a DI find but just look at it! It has pom poms on the feet! I die.
 Sweet dreams.
 Emme can't stand to be more than three feet away from this boy. Even if he's just snoozing on the couch, she has to lay by him while she watches a cartoon.
It's safe to say we're all in love over here!

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